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The travel trade industry has great challenges, particularly when one realizes that there is so much technology “stealing space” from personal encounters.  On the other hand, we know that the face to face contact will continue to play a key role in business success.

In addition, the same technology that is a major facilitator in the case of existing relationships, is not enough to create a relationship of trust when it comes to closing a deal or establishing a partnership. After all, are you going to entrust your work or your business’ most important strategies to people  you've never seen?


H2H Reps - Marketing & Representative has the concept of face to face strategies to make good business. As much as sales calls and online marketing are important, nothing will replace a Human to Human encounter! In addition to presenting new Travel products and services, our goal is to pass our customers' credibility and trust to the European trade.

And it only happens eye to eye and tête à tête,  sealed by a handshake!

That makes us different

  • Key market: expertise in all European 

  • No-stop sales mission / face to face meetings

  • Huge network with travel agents, tour operators and event planners

  • Constant update of our contacts

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